Village Tour Near Udaipur

Destination: Udaipur

Duration: 1 day

Village Tour Package in Udaipur

Rajasthan on Wheel Tour is a leading Village Tour Package provider in Udaipur – is especially for those, who are looking for non touristic sites and unspoiled rural tourism. Everyday life of Villagers and a little change with global changes. The communities and their own culture from years . Our Village tour is to know about real India. Among the entire population of India around 70% People are living in Countryside. We try through this tour to share the information Meet locals -native Villagers and translate your question to locals and their answer to you. And also to know about the rural woman around southern Rajasthan, near Udaipur.

Village Tour Near Udaipur

Village Tour Near Udaipur – by Rajasthan On Wheel Tours, – We design this tour for those who want to see tribal and Village life near Udaipur . You may visited many Palaces, Forts, temples and History & now you away from Noise and Pollution, Traffic hassle of City life, join Our special tour on based of traveller Interest. Our Guide and CAR will Pick you up from your Hotel in City for a three to four Hours Village tour near Udaipur . Countryside road and Aravali Mountains These Aravali mountains are main residence of Bheel Tribe, Village tour to know this communities and understand the their culture , attachment to nature a Our Guide will accompanying you in small villages and explain you about the life of Villagers.

Guided Village tour near Udaipur is a half day tour and do before lunch or after lunch time. You are taken to a safe and known place by us but never same every time. That is the reason we don’t write any particular name. But these villages are habitant of different cast and tribal of mewar . Our village tour near Udaipur is to explore you entire rural life. We request you to please follow the common rules like :

Please ask you Guide before taking close-up Photo of People and ladies , Many villagers are OK but few of them may not like to have this. Please do not distribute Sweets, Pens cash or any alternative to Villagers /tribals , Childerns. If you wish to help Villagers Please asks our Guide. Pens may be good for School boys & Girls but it is always advisable to distribute through teachers or our Guide. Our Village tour is based on Interest of every individual. Please write us about your interest while booking the tour.

Includes in tour
  • Airconditioned transportation
  • Tour Guide

at the end of tour your will be return back to your hotel /city Hotel. | Tour required upto 04 hours

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